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At West Orange Women's Care, we are consistently looking for innovative ways to serve our patients. Our latest effort helps us expedite the check-in process and reduce your wait time in our lobbies.

We have implemented Phreesia, a mobile check-in service that allows patients to complete pre-registration forms and update pertinent information from your own smartphone, computer or tablet in the comfort of your home instead of when you arrive in our office for your appointment.

There is no app or software necessary to download. All you will need to do is click a link that is provided to you via a text message or an email up to four days before your appointment. You can then securely answer any registration or medical questions required for your upcoming doctor’s visit. You can even pay your copay and check your balance.

If you forget to fill out your forms or confirm your information ahead of time – don’t worry! You can still perform this step in our lobby with your phone or on one of the tablets we have just for this purpose. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, the program is set up to be easy and intuitive. You can’t “break” anything or “mess up” any items. This is basically taking the place of those long paper forms that used to give you a hand cramp while you were filling them out.

If you’re worried about privacy, rest assured knowing Phreesia provides industry-leading privacy and security to keep patient’s data safe and secure. Just like our practice, this technology is compliant with HIPAA guidelines. Only approved office staff and healthcare providers can see your information.

Phreesia enables you to check-in BEFORE your visit. This makes your experience faster and smarter and done on your own time on your own device. It helps to ensure a simple and quick check-in experience upon arrival at the office. Plus, bonus, this will save you time and eliminate the need for completing mounds of paperwork.


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