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Summer Hygiene Tips For Women

Summer’s promise is one filled with sunshine, trips to the pool and travel. Unfortunately, the humid environment that often accompanies the season can leave women with an increased risk of developing a vaginal yeast infection, which is caused by an overgrowth of yeast that normally lives in the vagina. Let’s face it. No lady wants her fun summer plans interrupted by something that’s so... not fun. So take note of these simple health tips so that summer can be spent filling your schedule, not sitting at home feeling miserable.

1. Change out of wet clothes ASAP.
Go ahead — splash around at the pool or go for a nice sweaty run. Just don’t sit around in those wet bathing suits and gym clothes for too long. Warm, moist environments are a breeding ground for Candida, aka yeast. Once this yeast overgrows, that’s when you get the itching and burning feeling that yeast infections are known for.

2. Wear cotton underwear.

Who doesn’t love a new pair of beautiful, silky underwear to make yourself feel good — even if you’re the only one who sees it? Unfortunately, those kinds of underwear or tight clothing made of synthetic fibers tend to hold moisture, so you’re better off in cotton panties or ones with a cotton crotch. Cotton keeps moisture away from the body, and helps you stay away from yeast infections.

3. Avoid douches and scented hygiene products.
Summer heat can make you feel less than fresh down there, but think first before running for products that contain perfumes and chemicals that can throw off the natural balance in the vagina. And douching? A big no-no. It can spread an infection into your cervix and uterus.

4. Change your pads and tampons often.
Summer is all about filling your schedule with as much fun as possible, and we understand that sometimes it’s hard to remember the little things. But don’t let changing your pad or tampon often during your period be one of the things that slips your mind. This can be another risk factor for developing a yeast infection. Set a reminder for yourself on your phone if you have to. You’ll thank yourself later!

5. Treat yeast infections ASAP.
If you do get a yeast infection, make sure you treat it right away. If you had a yeast infection before try an over-the-counter treatment like MONISTAT to help you get back to yourself as fast as possible, when used as directed. You can get a prescription treatment from your doctor, but both options are just as effective.

Summer is about fun — taking road trips, spending time with friends and family, and making memories that last a lifetime. While women can get yeast infections for a variety of reasons, heeding our advice can help most women keep them at bay all summer long.

Be Well,

The Staff at West Orange Women’s Center

Serving the Ocoee, Winter Garden, Winderere, FL areas


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